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Why I Only Eat Fair Trade Chocolate

Giving up chocolate was something on my mind for a few years. The decision to finally limit it to only Fair Trade came one day, when it finally sunk in that by consuming non fair trade cocoa products I was supporting child labour. Is chocolate that important to me that I should just abandon my moral integrity? I felt like eating chocolate had no value if a child had to be trafficked and then forced to work. It’s been 5 years now and I don’t regret it one bit. When I hear the word cocoa (or chocolate), I think of this amazing food so valuable that it was once used as currency. I think of something that has great health...

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The Toronto Fair Trade Show

Last Saturday I ventured to Toronto for the Toronto Fair Trade Show. It was held at 2nd Floor events at King and Spadina and featured about 25 Fair Trade vendors. I spent the morning talking to vendors, learning about their products and hearing their stories. It was great to connect with suppliers I was not familiar with and to realize how local they are. The one that stood out the most is called Little By Little based in London. Their focus is orphan prevention. In Haiti, 80% of the orphans actually have family but parents do not have the financial means to care for their children. This a huge problem in many countries. Their solution to the orphan crisis is...

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