Then and Now

It's been five months now since I closed the store and I am so glad I made that decision. It was a very busy September setting up the new website, cataloguing all the products and scheduling pop-ups for the holiday season. October to December was filled with community events like the Christkindl Market and Cambridge Christmas Market, partnering with other businesses like Truth Beauty Company, Kultrun Market and Legacy Greens, open houses and house parties.

My favourite part so far has been the house parties. They've been so fun and encouraging. They have been great opportunities for educating about fair trade and the fashion industry as well as meeting new customers while at the same time catching up with regular customers.

I've also been busy with my Fair Trade Kitchener group, working Mondays at Full Circle Foods as well as working on new business and personal projects.

The summer may not consist of too many pop-ups as I'd love to take advantage of my time to enjoy the summer, so the plan is to do more house parties. If this interests you at all please contact me and we can discuss more about it.

Stay tuned for our Spring/Summer collection! It will be filled with colour and pattern as well as simpler pieces with lots of versatility. Prepare for more organics and even more comfortable materials. There will be new tops for men and some accessories I can't wait to show ( back packs).

In the meantime, shop our winter clearance sale, up to 80% off!

I want to thank everyone who’s supported me and More Than Half the past 3 years, it’s been a really great learning experience for me. I look forward to continuing this business model, a model that has allowed me to be less stressed and enjoy my life more.

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