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Sustainability Part 2- To Eat or Not To Eat? That should not be the Question.

Climate change. Food. The way we farm is polluting the land and leaving millions of people hungry. 40 Million in 2017 to be exact. In an article by Fair World Project they state, “The solution to both climate change and food sovereignty is to dismantle the global industrial agri-food system (which we call the industrial food chain) and for governments to give more space to the already growing and resilient ‘peasant food web’- the interlinked network of small scale farmers, livestock keepers, pastoralist, hunters and gathers, fishers and urban producers who, our research shows, already feeds most of the world.” The industrial food chain uses over 75% of the world’s agricultural land and most of the fossil fuels and freshwater...

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Sustainability Part One- Life is Grey

Do you view the world in black and white or are you living in the grey? I’ve had several people not buy my products or criticize me for what I sell because they are made from animals. In fact while I was at the Guelph Eco Market in late March a women stops at my table, points at a wallet and asks if it was leather. After I said yes she scoffs and in a demeaning tone says, what were you thinking? If only this lady would have just stopped and actually talked to me I could have told her that it was recycled leather from factory cut offs, waste that didn’t have to go to the landfill. I sometimes...

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