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Sustainability Part 2- To Eat or Not To Eat? That should not be the Question.

Climate change. Food. The way we farm is polluting the land and leaving millions of people hungry. 40 Million in 2017 to be exact. In an article by Fair World Project they state, “The solution to both climate change and food sovereignty is to dismantle the global industrial agri-food system (which we call the industrial food chain) and for governments to give more space to the already growing and resilient ‘peasant food web’- the interlinked network of small scale farmers, livestock keepers, pastoralist, hunters and gathers, fishers and urban producers who, our research shows, already feeds most of the world.” The industrial food chain uses over 75% of the world’s agricultural land and most of the fossil fuels and freshwater...

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Canadian Fair Trade Network

I'd like to say that this past Canadian Fair Trade Network conference in Halifax has broke my fair trade lull but instead of energizing me it just made me more tired of the same old thing. Let me explain. For the past 8 months or so I've been lacking in my fair trade research, fair trade networking, blogging about fair trade etc. Perhaps it's the fact that I’m at a mental over load with fair trade or that three of my steering committee for Fair Trade Kitchener dropped out suddenly or maybe that the support for fair trade is so limited here in Kitchener or just simply realizing that selling and promoting fair trade consumerism just isn’t enough to change...

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