A Few Items You May Have Not Known Were Fair Trade

Sports Balls


James Milligan is the founder of Social Conscience- Fair Trade Sports Balls. A company that works with producers in Pakistan to hand stitch soccer and volleyballs, a higher quality product than machine stitched. 70% of the worlds soccer balls are produced in Pakistan and while work conditions have improved there is still many cases of unfair wages, child labour and unsafe working conditions. Social Conscience’s sports balls do not contain any leather or PVC and their Match Balls meet FIFA’s standard for quality assurance.



That’s right, not only is there fair trade wine, but now there is fair trade beer! Mongozo introduced a Fair Trade, organic and gluten free all in one beer in 2010 and is the world’s first gluten free, fair trade, organic lager . Five of their beers contain Fair Trade ingredients from Ghana, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Brazil and sold all over the world. You can currently find their product at the Beerstore along with various restaurants such as Beertown.

Soy Sauce


There is only one fair trade soy sauce and it’s sourced by a Canadian company, Peter Piper Pepper. Originally sourcing pepper, they now have noodles and other spices along with their soy, teriyaki and hoisin sauces. Made from only soy beans, rice, water, and salt purchased from a farmer co-op in Thailand, it is all Non-GMO, kosher, halal and gluten free. You can find their products at Goodness Me in Waterloo.



We often don’t think about where a lot of the beautiful flowers we buy in floral shops come from, they aren’t all local. Many come from South America and Africa and are grown with a lack of worker rights.

Ask your local floral shop if they carry any fair trade flowers or be willing to bring some in. Some distributors are Florimex Toronto Corp and Florists Supply ltd.

Looking for more information on fair trade products? Visit Fair Trade Canada and The Canadian Fair Trade Network.

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